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What a stunning event! The Art Deco Society of Virginia held their inaugural Jazz Age Preservation Ball - a lavish evening of music, dancing and gaiety celebrating the red hot Jazz Age of the Roaring '20s. Guests were invited to dress to the nines and join the festivities at the historic Bolling Haxall House in Richmond, Virginia. The John Winn Jazz All-Stars provided live music, performances were by Fidgety Feet, a dance troupe from Washington DC, and by The Garter Snaps performing their feather fan duet. Andy Nishida and Rita Shiang taught a beginner Charleston dance lesson at the start of the evening, and St. Germain had specialty cocktails on hand!

The event was also a fund-raiser for the Byrd Theater Foundation, and Todd Schall Vess and Jaclyn Witthoefft gave a short presentation about the Foundation.
For more information about the Art Deco Society of Virginia, contact http:/​/​artdecova.​org/​
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