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Virtuosos on clarinet and saxophone” (New York Times), identical twins Peter and Will Anderson are two of the most extraordinary jazz woodwind players today. In addition, they have become known for producing quality, well-researched docu-shows, using the media of live music and skillfully edited video clips, profiling some of their favorite composers.

This show, presented in the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre at Symphony Space, New York City, celebrating the music of Henry Mancini, was a fantastic display of musical talent. Together with the Andersons, a flock of outstanding New York-based musicians:
Grammy-winner multi-instrumentalist Vince Giordano on bass,
Juilliard alumni and trumpeter extraordinaire Brandon Lee,
one of my favorite jazz/ragtime pianists Dalton Ridenhour,
and a master of time drummer Alex Raderman.

Don't miss Peter and Will's next show - check their website, Peter and Will Anderson for details.