A couple of years ago, Pete and Will Anderson (the Anderson Twins) wrote, directed and performed the very successful The Anderson Twins Celebrate Artie Shaw at 100 concerts. It seems logical that, as brothers, their next major performance project would profile another team of brothers (although not twins) who are musicians. The Anderson Twins Play the Fabulous Dorseys tells the riveting story of Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, who rise to the top but split up the act over sibling rivalry.
There are a few similarities between the Dorseys and the Andersons – all four were accomplished musicians at a young age, leading their own bands and traveling out of town to play for enthusiastic audiences. Jimmy played clarinet and saxophone, like the Andersons do (Tommy was a trombonist and trumpeter).
Thankfully, though, the similarities seem to end there. Neither Will nor Pete were married, as Tommy was, by the time they were 17 years old. In either of the Andersons, there’s no evidence in Tommy’s volatility, nor his penchant for “stealing” musicians from other bands to join his own. And even though Will and Pete often play separately as sidemen for a number of well-known bands and orchestras, there seems no hint between them of the sibling rivalry that existed between Tommy and Jimmy that resulted in Tommy walking out on his brother, and forming his own band when he was 30 – the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra became, as a result, the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra.
The Anderson Twins Play the Fabulous Dorseys, directed and written by Pete and Will Anderson, is a truthful, historical tale highlighted by a blazing six-piece jazz band and footage from the 1947 film, The Fabulous Dorseys. Performing with the Anderson Twins is a group of talented and well-known musicians: Jon-Erik Kellso on trumpet, Ehud Asherie on piano, Kevin Dorn on drums, and Clovis Nicolas on bass.
The performances will take place Sept 11- Oct 7 at the 59E59 Theaters in New York City – tickets are available from the theater, and for more details please see: http:/​/​www.​andersontwinsjazz.​com/​calendar.​html
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