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A stunning burlesque show!
From the program: Curated and Produced by Grace Gotham, "Coup de Grace Burlesque" featured a stellar cast of burlesque's top performers whose bewitching antics transported us back to the days of Ziegfeld and Minsky when sequins, spectacle, and skin eclipsed the realities of the day, performing "risque" material involved thought and wit, and the resulting fanfare melted away all of your troubles (if only for an hour or two).

The stars:
- The Legendary, Inimitable Performance Artist & Star of Cannes Award-Winning Film, Tournee, Julie Atlas Muz
- Top Teaser & "Fastest Tassel Twirler from East to West" Peekaboo Pointe
- Prohibition Era Dapper Dancer Roddy Caravella
- Eye-Popping Singular Sensation BB Heart
- Bendable Breathtaking Burlesque Beauty Harvest Moon
- Stunning Vocalist Shelly the Singing Siren
- Cheeky Tapper Flapper Gin Minsky
- Hebrew Hotties The Schlep Sisters
- Sizzling Circus Siren Trixie Little
- And "Humor's Favorite Temptress," Grace Gotham

Live jazz age melodies flowed sweetly from the fingers and lips of pianist and songbird, Gelber & Manning -- a divine duo seemingly put on this earth to satiate all of your "wish-I-could-be-transported-back-to-the-1920s and 30s" desires.

Stage Manager and Pick-up Artist Extraordinaire - Anja Keister