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Our wedding day! What an incredible celebration. We are so grateful to everyone who attended.

Some details of the day ...
Venue: Historic Trenton Masonic Temple, Trenton NJ
Ceremony Venue: Ionic Room, Masonic Temple
Bride: Lynn Redmile
Groom: Danny Tobias
Officiant: Neal Groothuis
Matrons of Honor: Victoria Holmes and Jackie Redmile
Best Men: Joe Tobias and Vince Pratico
Mother of the Bride: Dot Redmile
Father of the Groom: Joe Tobias Sr.
Ceremony Guitarist: Pat Mercuri
Ceremony Pianist: Meg Tobias Hanson
Reception Band: The Midiri Brothers - Joe Midiri (reeds, vocals), Paul Midiri (drums, vibes, trombone), Steve Kramer (piano), Ed Wise (bass), Pat Mercuri (guitar and MC) ... and Danny Tobias.
Band during Band Breaks: The Meg Hanson Band - Meg Hanson (piano, vocals), Benny Barksdale (reeds), Bobby Bowden (drums), Diane Jones (vocals)
Guest musicians: Jon Kellso (cornet), Kelly Friesen (bass), Len Pucciatti (drums), Jerry Rife (reeds), Will Anderson (reeds), Peter Anderson (reeds), Jonathan Russell (violin), Pete Reichlin (trombone), Joe McDonough (trombone), Nick Russo (guitar), Molly Ryan (vocals), Lisa Hearns (vocals), Betina Hershey (vocals), Katherine Woods (vocals)
Photographer (official): DuPree Studios, Hazlet

Contributing Photographers: Voon Chew, Eileen O'Donnell, Lynn Redmile, etc.
Guest Videographer: Voon Chew

Please enjoy our memories of this day - "official" photos are intermingled with those from our loved ones. And if you have other photos you'd like to share, please pass them along!
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