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In late April each year, Washington DC hosts the DC Lindy Exchange (DCLX). Their 13th annual event was held April 25-27th, 2014. With live music each afternoon and evening, and late night dances, and six bands from New Orleans, New York, Pittsburgh and DC, this fabulous exchange has something for everyone.

Friday night's event was held at the Bumper Car Pavilion at Glen Echo, with The Smoking Time Jazz Band from New Orleans holding it down. On the bandstand were Sarah Peterson on vocals, John Joyce (upright bass), Jason King (guitar), Byron Asher (clarinet), Jack Pritchett (trumpet), Colin Myers (trombone)
and Benji Bohannon (drums).

The Friday late night event was held at the Chevy Chase Ballroom, with the Boilermaker Jazz Band of Pittsburgh keeping things swinging. Paul Cosentino (clarinet), Mark Cotision (piano), Ernest McCarty (bass), Jerry Gagnon (trombone) and Rich Strong (drums) were joined by the lovely Jennifer McNulty on vocals.

DJs for the weekend were: Allen Kerr, Dan Repsch, John Mortenson, Jerry Almonte, Diana Schenck Chapin, and Helene Horowitz.

For more information about this annual event: http:/​/​www.​dclx.​org/​
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