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What a fantastic evening with the Earregulars at the Ear Inn on Spring Street! Each Sunday evening, band leaders Jon-Erik Kellso (on cornet) and Matt Munisteri (on guitar) bring in two super-talented musicians to create a fun hot-jazz quartet crammed in the corner of this popular historic watering hole (with a great menu!). This week was a little different, with three additional musicians joining them - Jay Rattman (clarinet and bass sax), Scott Robinson (also bass sax, and other reeds), and Bela Szaloky (trumpet and trombone) who was visiting from Hungary.

As is traditional, other musicians come to the Ear to hang out and listen and sit in, and this week we had Joanna Sternberg (upright bass), Danny Tobias (trumpet), Dan Block (clarinet) and vocalist Tamar Korn. If Conal Fowkes had a piano with him, I'm sure he would've joined in too!
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