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Sunday April 1, 2018, strolling along Fifth Avenue, New York City for the annual Easter Parade. Not as warm as last year, but certainly not as cold as the day to follow (and thank goodness the snow held off for a day!)
As with many years, the wonderful Dan Levinson once again led his band of merry music makers for hours of performing on a side street, much to the delight of swing dancers and spectators. Joining him were Molly Ryan (vocals), Danny Tobias (trumpet), Vinny Raniolo (guitar), Rob Adkins (bass) and Stephane Seva (washboard). After the parade (for some reason, the police shut the entire parade down before 3pm, instead of the usual 4pm finish), the Plaza was the place to go, to enjoy Glenn Crytzer's orchestra. Denim clad individuals joined those in gorgeous gowns and morning suits in the long line, awaiting entrance in the over-crowded space.
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