What an AWESOME show! Stunning venue - the Cutting Room has gorgeous high ceilings, beautiful decor. It was a full house (should it be anything else when the Hot Sardines perform?). And the band killed it ...
I am unashamedly a huge fan of the Hot Sardines and each of its members, collectively and separately. Miz Elizabeth on vocals, washboard, tambourine, and dance (Elizabeth Bougerol) keeps the band tightly connected with the audience, and mixes it up a little when she sings in French. Evan Palazzo (piano) plays so cleanly! Alex Raderman keeps the rhythm going on drums, and leftie Evan Crane really holds it down on the bass. For one of the numbers, he brought the bass to where I think it should be - front and center ... fabulous! Joe McDonough (trombone) is always in the groove and Nick Myers (reeds) enjoys the odd instrument-juggle every now and then, switching between sax and clarinet in some pieces. Jason Prover is masterful on the trumpet - or the tea kettle! And tap dancer Eddy Francisco ... what can one say?! Just amazing - and how he isn't drenched after his routines, I don't know!
The Hot Sardines is way more than a band ... and what they do is more than perform. They put on a show - high energy and hugely entertaining. Tight and professional and very well rehearsed, they don't even break out music stands/books when they announce the piece is new to them!
If you've never seen the Hot Sardines, don't delay - you can see where they're next performing on their site: http:/​/​hotsardines.​com/​upcoming-​shows/​
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