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The New Jersey Jazz Society celebrated their 40th Anniversary at the beautiful Dorothy Young Center for the Arts at Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. The legendary Chuck Slate, probably the primary catalyst for Jersey jazz gatherings, was in attendance, and it was a truly wonderful program.

There were four groups of artists:
Emily Asher led the first group and was joined by Peter Anderson, William Anderson, Norman Simmons, Jon Burr, Jackie Williams, and Nancy Nelson on vocals.
Bob Ackerman led the second group and was joined by Randy Reinhart, Tomoko Ohno, Winard Harper, Jon Burr, and Pam Purvis on vocals.
Bria Skonberg led the third group, joined by Dan Levinson, Rio Clemente, Nicki Parrott and Jackie Williams.
And the fourth group was led by Warren Vache, who was joined by James Chirillo, Tom Artin, Tomoko Ohno, Jon Burr and Sherrie Maricle.

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