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Musicians, dancers, performers, caught in action during a live performance or a rehearsal - their passion, skill and determination to be the best they can be, despite any obstacles they face, inspires me and fuels my drive to preserve memories of these awesome moments.
Wycliffe GordonDavid GibsonBattle of the BandsCangelosi CardsBikram Yoga - Emily VartanianEmily VartanianEvita Arce and Michael JaggerThe Hot SardinesGordonburi AuEvita Arce and Michael JaggerHoward AldenJonathan RussellJon-Erik KellsoKara JohnstadJon Burr and Lynn SteinLynn SteinJustin Henry and Angela HarriellMichael Jagger and HollyRoddy Caravella and Gretchen FenstonMermaid Parade Coney Island