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The 47th Annual Pee Wee Russell Memorial Stomp was held at the beautiful Birchwood Manor in Whippany, New Jersey on the first Sunday in March 2016. Presented by the New Jersey Jazz Society, four fabulous bands performed for five hours of dancing and listening pleasure. Under the huge chandeliers on the spacious floor, dancers twisted and swirled, while the musicians generated pure joy. Unlike last year (and the year before) the weather totally cooperated for us, and all who were there seemed to have the most wonderful time!

Band Personnel:
Jon-Erik Kellso and the Ear-Regulars Plus: Jon-Erik Kellso - trumpet Harvey Tibbs - trombone Evan Arntzen - reeds Matt Munisteri -guitar and vocals Pat O'Leary- bass Paul Wells - drums

Brain Cloud:
Dennis Lichtman - clarinet, mandolin, violin
Tamar Korn - vocals
Skip Krevens - guitar
Raphael McGregor - lap steel guitar
Andrew Hall - bass
Jon-Erik Kellso - trumpet
J. Walter Hawkes - trombone
Arthur Vint- drums

Warren Vache's Quintet
Warren Vache - cornet
Houston Person - tenor sax
Tardo Hammer - piano
Earl Sauls - bass
Eliot Zigmund - drums

The Widespread Depression Jazz Orchestra:
Michael Hashim - alto sax
Tad Shull - tenor sax
Claire Daly - baritone sax
Jordan Sandke - trumpet
Charlie Caranicas - trumpet
David Gibson - trombone
Steve Einerson - piano
George Delancey - bass
Steve Little - drums
For more information about the New Jersey Jazz Society, visit their website!
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