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What a fabulous event! When I learned last year which bands had been selected for this 49th Annual Pee Wee Russell Memorial Stomp, I knew it would be a fabulous event.

We were fortunate to have:
Daryl Sherman Sextet with Daryl Sherman (piano and vocal), Jon-Erik Kellso (trumpet), Jay Rattman (reeds), Arnt Arntzen (guitar/banjo), Jay Leonhart (bass), and Kevin Dorn (drums).
Then, Professor Cunningham and His Old School with “Professor” Adrian Cunningham (clarinet/sax and vocals), Jon Challoner (trumpet), Jim Fryer (trombone), John Merrill (guitar), Oscar Perez (piano), Daniel Foose (bass), and Paul Wells (drums).
Following was the Warren Vaché Quintet, with Warren Vaché (trumpet), Houston Person (tenor sax), Danny Tobias (trumpet), Steve Ash (piano), Earl Sauls (bass), and Steve Williams (drums). Awards were presented to clarinetist extraordinaire Joe Licari, and jazz advocate Will Friedwald, and the final set was brought by the George Gee Swing Orchestra, with George Gee (leader), Shenel Johns and John Dokes (vocalists), Julius Tolentino, Michael Hashim and Lauren Sevian (saxophones), Andy Gravish and Freddie Hendrix (trumpets), David Gibson (trombone and musical director), Steve Einerson (piano), Marcus McLaurine (bass) and Brian Fishler (drums).

The Birchwood Manor, with its beautiful dance floor and chandeliers, is the perfect venue, and it was no surprise that the dancers came in force!This year's Pee Wee Stomp was dedicated to drummer Chuck Slate, who sadly passed away last year and whose band performed at the first Pee Wee Russell Memorial Stomp, and for many years thereafter.
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