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What an incredible event ... and I didn't even see half of it!
The Players Club is THE perfect venue for a Salon event - multiple rooms, elegant space, plenty of room to dance, relax, and simply enjoy the sights and sounds.
In the main ballroom, EmCee Dandy Wellington kept the show on the road, introducing the band, the burlesque dancers (the wonderful Legs Malone and talented Gin Minsky), and encouraging the dancing flirtations of beautiful Sydney Sunrise.
Dancers love live music - and when Gordon Webster is on the bill, with his band of merry music makers comprising Brandi Disterheft (bass), Andreas Svendsen (drums), Danny Tobias (trumpet), Jake Handelman (trombone) and Daniel Lipsitz (reeds), the excitement is more than tangible. Special guests Jesse Selengut (trumpet & vocals) and the incredible vocalist Brianna Thomas took that room's musical entertainment to another level.
Dancers and loungers in the piano lounge enjoyed the fantastic sounds of Jason Prover's Sneak Thievery Orchestra, joined later by Eddy Francisco on taps. The dance floor in front of them was constantly full - always a good sign!
I didn't get to experience the Blue Vipers of Brooklyn, upstairs in the lounge but I can't wait to see them perform next time - I love their style!
Here's looking forward to the next Salon event ... even if you can't make any of the others, be sure to sign up and get your tickets early for the New Years Eve Eve event on December 30th ... since 2001, this has been one of the most amazing events to celebrate the holidays!
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